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Syracuse Senior Scouting

For some reason I've got a soft spot for Syracuse. Maybe it's the dome. Maybe it's the harsh orange uniforms that always pop on the screen. It might just be the idea of a quality prospect coming out of a lesser known school that plays in a big conference. Whatever the case is, I always get giddy turning on the Syracuse tape.

Last year we had the athletically gifted Jamal Custis and the tough-as-nails Eric Dungey as two of the top prospects coming from the Orange. This year, it appears our best shot at a player to swoon over is the well-proportioned defensive end Alton Robinson. Robinson is the highest graded prospect from the Orange for me, but there are a couple other intriguing options to keep an eye out for.

Prospects are ranked in order from best tape grade to worst tape grade.

Alton Robinson Defensive End

Long frame will be enticing to evaluators. Has trouble bending around the corner and flattening into the pocket. Play strength should be fine at the next level. Has room to add additional weight if necessary. Hands aren’t incorporated enough in his pass rush. Should be able to slide into the 3-tech spot if necessary on passing downs. Has some Montez Sweat aspects to him from a physical standpoint. Gang tackler mentality. Hands get up to deflect passes. Very unpolished right now. 6th Round Summer Grade.

Kendall Coleman Defensive End

Big-bodied guy with a thick chest & decent proportions. Likely to be a run defending end in NFL. Only listed at 255 pounds but looks closer to 270 on the field. Frame is likely already maxed out. Pursuit angles are a bit concerning. Likes to use the spin move, but his overall pass rush move set isn’t very extensive. Willing to hustle from the backside. Finisher strength. 7th Round Summer Grade.

Sean Riley Wide Receiver

Undersized slot receiver who has a limited role for the offense. May need to make his bones as a returner unless he can take steps forward as a receiver. Catch radius could be a concern if his quarterback isn’t accurate. Has some wiggle to his game; twitched up mover. Not going to take the top off, but has solid long speed. Goes down on first contact. UDFA Summer Grade.

Moe Neal Running Back

Undersized back who doesn’t have the power to run in between the tackles. Good short area quickness and burst allows him to fire through gaps. Pass protection is an issue; hardly gets involved. Has excellent ball skills and wins as a receiver. Not particularly elusive in the open field. Catch radius is surprising. Gets skinny through traffic. UDFA Summer Grade.

Evan Foster Safety

Looks most comfortable working inside the box. Doesn’t have great recovery speed, but will hustle his way back to plays. Processing speed is a cut below expectations. Single high duties are off the table with his athletic profile, and he may not even be able to work two deep effectively. Has trouble picking his way through traffic. Strong enough to finish once he gets his hands on the ball-carrier. Tackling form and accuracy is functional for the college game, but might not work in the pros. Liability in coverage and may be viewed more as a linebacker by teams because of it. Angles are easily broken by good backs. UDFA Summer Grade.

Evan Adams Offensive Guard

Hand placement needs to take a step forward. Likes to body block quite a bit. Initial punch is often off target, especially against faster guys. Struggled to keep with Christian Wilkins. Thick in the mid-section. Has the size to be an NFL guard. Adjustments are slow. Straight line mover when pulling. Feet and hands don’t stay connected together. UDFA Summer Grade.

Christopher Fredrick Cornerback

Questionable change of direction prevents him from mirroring receivers. Lackluster athlete overall. Backpedal is choppy and inefficient. Strictly an outside cornerback in the pros. Has quality size at nearly 6’0” and 200 pounds, and he looks even bigger than that on tape. Late to get downhill and impact the catch point. No standout traits on tape. UDFA Summer Grade.

Despite losing program staples like Dungey, the Orange are in position to draw some interest from the league once the season is over. Robinson is already on the radar of the Senior Bowl, and Coleman could find his way there with another productive season. The ceiling for the team isn't particularly high in conference play, but there's no doubt they'll be competitive through almost every contest.

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