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Prospect Watchdog: Renell Wren Interview

Our own Gavino Borquez interviewed rising defensive lineman Renell Wren out of Arizona State, who is now being talked about as a potential day two selection. Below you can find the full audio of Wren's interview, along with a transcribed version.

Gavino Borquez (GB): Starting from question one, Renell, growing up did you always gravitate towards football?

Renell Wren (RW): Growing up I gravitated more (towards) basketball than football. My junior year in high school my football coached actually told me when I hit college I had to play either basketball or football, so I chose football.

GB: What is your best strength on the football field?

RW: My strength on the football field is basically overpowering guys. I tend to use a couple pass rushes here and there, but my primary pass rush is basically the bull rush. Because really I can just overpower people and be more of a strength person than my opponents.

GB: Now I've seen you a couple times use the swim move, what would you say your secondary pass rush would be? Your next go to aside from the bull rush?

RW: If I'm working off the ball quick enough, it could be the swim move, Because with offensive linemen, they tend to usually have a quick set; so with a swim move being able to do that and just get to the quarterback as fast as I can, I would say the swim move.

GB: Going into your senior season, what is one area you're looking to improve?

RW: Consistency. Basically with consistency, just the fundamentals. Staying low, because of how tall I am. Working on my steps and so forth, and just getting after it and running after the ball.

GB: When watching film, what NFL defensive lineman do you like to study or pattern your game after?

RW: I'm a big fan of Fletcher Cox (Philadelphia Eagles). For him, being 6-foot-3 and 290 (pounds), just getting off the rock and using his hands a lot. Just being able to create quarterback pressures, that's a guy I'll usually watch. Also Chris Jones (Kansas City Chiefs) because my D-line coach refers to me as him. Being 6'5" and 290 to 295, being able to get low and get after it. Just creating havoc from the O-line and getting to the quarterback.

GB: Who do you think is the best offensive lineman you have faced over your career?

RW: The best offensive lineman? I'll say the best offensive line that I've faced is Washington. They're heavy up front and they had a lot of experience compared to when I played them last year.

GB: Back in 2017 against Washington there was a rep where you bullied your way to the backfield. I want to get a good idea of how good you can remember that play, what was going through your mind, and what you did to make that happen.

RW: When I first stepped on that field against Washington I was playing nose tackle, because we were in a 4-3 defense with coach (Todd) Graham. My thing was playing run first, so for me being a shade to the guard, so not physically in the gap but inside shoulder of the guard, my thing was to just collapse the A gap. He tried to overset me. With me just having great leverage and getting off the ball, using my hips and everything, just running him I figured I'd keep running him back. All of the sudden I put him on his butt, then I sacked Jake Browning.

GB: Last question. Fast forward five years from now, where do you see yourself?

RW: Five years from now I see myself still playing in the National Football League. Being healthy, being the leader that God has called me to be, and to pursue and continue my career in football. But after I retire from football I'm really looking forward to joining law enforcement.

Wren is currently being discussed as a day two or early day three prospect for the 2019 NFL Draft, and could be taken in the top 100 selections. His explosiveness and athleticism has drawn attention from media evaluators and may result in a big rise during the draft process.


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