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Clemson Senior Scouting

You've probably heard a lot of buzz around this Clemson team. It's loaded with talented underclassmen like Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne, and Tee Higgins. But the reality of this team is that it took a massive blow with the mass exodus on defense. Three first round picks on the defensive line and a high upside cornerback going in the second round leaves the cupboard a bit empty for the Tigers.

If I had to throw out grades on some of the underclassmen, Etienne would almost certainly get a first rounder. Higgins and talented hybrid linebacker Isaiah Simmons would both probably receive second rounders. Lawrence is a no-brainer but he's not eligible until 2021.

Only one senior out of this group got a draftable grade though, so be warned, this Clemson team is not the powerhouse it was last year.

Prospects are ranked in order from best tape grade to worst tape grade.

John Simpson Offensive Guard

Great size at 330+ pounds. Not a leg driver, but he can pin guys outside of run lanes. Hand placement falls off when he has to work through space. Not great at controlling distance, but his anchor is there. Leverage needs to see improvements as he goes to the next level. Combo blocks are intriguing if he can speed it up. 7th Round Summer Grade.

K'Von Wallace Safety

Nickel/safety hybrid who has experience moving around. Excellent length allows him to eat up air space. Takes his foot off the gas and assumes his teammates are going to clean up. Pursuit angles can get messy at times. Backpedal is pretty smooth even though he’s not a great athlete. Flag machine in coverage; can’t go man to man with folks. Primarily in the box and should stay there in the pros. Tackling radius is impressive, but he needs to clean up the accuracy. UDFA Summer Grade.

Tavien Feaster Running Back

Has trouble avoiding traffic in the backfield. Quality size. Listed at 215 pounds but plays more like he’s 220. Questionable change of direction makes adjustments difficult. Needs to impose a bit more as a blocker. Usually goes down on first contact. Not enough acceleration to get into space. Vision is average. Does his best to drive his legs. UDFA Summer Grade.

Note: Feaster has entered the transfer portal and is likely going elsewhere to play out his senior season.

Tanner Muse Safety

Built like a brick house. Listed at around 230 pounds; might be able to convert to linebacker at his weight. Comes downhill with some attitude. Has some concerns regarding play speed; might not be able to get across the back end. Tackling accuracy is an issue; variance high/low is a problem. Raw strength helps him to finish. Pursuit angles aren’t bad, but he may need to be more conservative with them. Coverage could expose him in the pro game. Poor man’s Andrew Wingard. UDFA Summer Grade.

Tremayne Anchrum Offensive Tackle

Willing to finish to the ground if he gets the opportunity to do so. Good size although he could be cleaned up a bit from a physical standpoint. Has the strength to handle guys in pass protection. Footwork is a little choppy. Falls off of blocks a bit too often. Might lack the quickness to play tackle in the pros. Not an easy mover in space. Testing probably won’t wow. UDFA Summer Grade.

Sean Pollard Offensive Guard

Play strength could be an issue. Got dogged a couple times in the Syracuse game. Footwork is unrefined and gets him into trouble. Has experience playing multiple positions, but wasn’t particularly impressive at any. Not a good enough athlete to succeed even in space. Struggles to control distance. Hands aren’t polished. UDFA Summer Grade.

While it may seem like doom and gloom in this article, Clemson is still a very deep roster with a lot of underclassmen who could shine even brighter replacing starters. Just know that the draft class isn't that great unless we see some young guys hop in the mix.

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