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Boston College Senior Scouting

You thought I was sweet on Syracuse because of the dome? It doesn't compare to how sweet I am on the Boston College program. They've consistently churned out some of the best defenders in college football despite pulling in 3-star recruits galore. From John Johnson to Harold Landry to Zach Allen this team knows how to crank out impact players.

The offense still has some wheels to it with the return of underclassmen quarterback Anthony Brown and running back AJ Dillon. They lost senior guard Chris Lindstrom to the first round of the draft, along with the majority of the other starters up front. On the defensive side of the ball they lost both safeties, both defensive ends, a nose tackle, and a linebacker. While Hamp Cheevers did go undrafted, he was one of the more productive cornerbacks in college football. This is a team in rebuild mode right now.

Prospects are ranked in order from best tape grade to worst tape grade.

Ben Glines Running Back

Long legs help him to cover a decent amount of ground with each stride, but he isn’t going to win the corner often. High cut runner who can’t dip and sink into changes of direction. Likely making a full time change to wide receiver this upcoming season, but he might get stuck as a tweener. Follows his blockers well and trusts them. Able to absorb contact and power through shots, but he isn’t a booming runner. Leverage might be a concern when it comes to taking on hits. Power doesn’t transfer when he lowers his shoulder. Won’t find creative solutions to problems. Routes are going to be a bit choppy because he can’t plant hard and go. Has the size to win as a blocker in the pros. Body catcher. Lacking in both long speed and short area burst. UDFA Summer Grade.

Tanner Karafa Defensive Line

Got overwhelmed by the big Terrone Prescod on multiple occasions in the NC State game. Decent length allows him to control the range in which he engages. Balance could be an area of concern. Undersized for a 3-tech at only 285 pounds; might need to bulk up for the pros or play further outside. Hands get up to bat down passes if he sees them coming. Loses track of the ball and gets sent off course while fighting with blockers. Willing to hustle on backside pursuit. Doesn’t generate adequate movement with his bull rush. Occasional rip counter but doesn’t tie things together well. Gang tackler mentality and he has the strength to finish the job. Struggles to get a piece as the ball-carrier passes by if he is still fighting the block. Not an easy disengager at all. Physical maturation might not be done yet. Has trouble getting interior penetration. UDFA Summer Grade.

John Phillips Offensive Guard

Hands are a little bit too slow to get involved at the moment, and it might be a natural deficiency rather than something that is correctable. Has trouble keeping lanes held open. Just not precise with his hand placement. Has some flashes with his mobility; can reach some second level blocks if he takes the right path. Tries to find work and stay active, but the play speed isn’t there yet. Size is decent but won’t wow teams. Runs himself out of plays with poor angles. Too many missed opportunities as the result of iffy control. Not effective at controlling the chest of defenders. Doesn’t finish guys. Combo blocks have their moments. Was only a part time starter during his junior campaign. Takes too long to pull around the formation; not a lead blocker. UDFA Summer Grade.

Glines was actually a late add to this list as he didn't meet the thresholds I was looking for statistically, but that's not surprising given the fact he had to sit behind Dillon. The outlook for this trio isn't particularly bright, so we may see Boston College go without having players drafted for the first time in years. Hopefully one of the underclassmen can step up and turn into a mid-rounder, but Dillon is likely the best bet to get drafted if he declares following his junior season.

The outlook isn't particularly great for their performance this season, but I'd never bet against the Eagles to fall far below expectations. They have a knack for making things happen and fielding a quality team. A star running back will go a long way to making them a .500 team.

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