Updated 3/12/2017

Mark's 2017 Big Board

This board is solely a measure of how good a player is at their current level. It does not estimate the future of a prospect, or the potential growth they will see. It does not account for the system or scheme they are put into at the NFL level. It does not account for injuries. I firmly believe that these are the talent levels of each player as they enter the NFL draft this year. Enjoy the read, and feel free to ask questions. My memory on some of the guys may be vague, but I will do my best to help explain why I place players where I do.


My criteria:

Talent - Above all else. Regardless of the scheme a player is put into or how favorable their situation is, you can usually get a feel for how truly talented a guy is. This is not necessarily putting up big stats or getting turnovers. This accounts for strength, burst, speed, instincts, and general ability.


Technique - The second most important piece of my criteria. Technique is key at the highest level of football. You can be an absolutely monstrous athlete with immense amounts of talent, but if you are unable to apply your skills using proper technique you will fail against people who are better prepared. While technique can be taught, I think it plays a large role from the start. If a prospect hasn’t learned the intricacies of their position by the time they are about to be drafted I have a lot of worry as to their ability to learn it over the course of their NFL career.


Intelligence - While this partially falls under technique, I think it is worthy of its own category. Intelligence is a very tricky thing to scout. It’s difficult to read the field from a player’s eyes when you are not that player. But you can often see it in the way guys react and treat the situation in each play. Does the safety bite on an underneath fake and let a receiver get over the top? Does the linebacker adjust himself properly to meet the ballcarrier as he finds a hole in the line? Does a quarterback know when to pull the ball down and take the hit rather than chuck up a prayer? These things stand out in crucial moments.


These are the three big things I look for when scouting. If a player is talented but lacks technique or intelligence, they may drop to the middle of the draft or further for me. If a guy is rather mediocre athletically but possesses a good mental game and great technique they could come out as a borderline first rounder.


Remember: A talent grade is essentially a best case scenario grade. These are not projections.

Grading Scale:

I’m using a system of 0-10 with up to one numeral after the decimal point.


10 - 9: Hall of Fame caliber player

8.99 - 8: Perennial All-Pro

7.99 - 7: Potential All-Pro, Perennial Pro Bowler

6.99 - 6: Potential Pro Bowler

5.99 - 5: Consistent NFL starter

4.99 - 4: Potential NFL starter, Consistent Backup

3.99 - 3: Potential Backup, Depth Player

2.99 - 2: Potential Depth Player, Practice Squad

1.99 - 1: Practice Squad at most

1 - 0: Shouldn’t make a roster


Clicking on a player's name will take you to their scouting report.

1st round

Sidney Jones IV CB Washington 9.4 Versatile Man-to-Man with great instincts & run support. Shutdown.

Ejuan Price 3-4 OLB Pittsburgh 9.2 Outrageous bend. Solid tackler. Rare twitch. Lanky frame.

Jarron Jones 3-4 NT Notre Dame 9.1 Incredibly disruptive NT. Great at taking up space. Power & Technique.

Leonard Fournette RB LSU 8.8 Powerful runner with downhill speed & agility. Creates where there is nothing.

Haason Reddick 3-4 ILB Temple 8.6 Incredibly versatile. Good in coverage + edge-rushing potential.

Budda Baker S Washington 8.5 Incredibly twitchy, and plays at a different gear. Undersized, but feisty.

Damontae Kazee CB San Diego State 8.4 Ridiculous instincts. Strong tackler. Flies to the play.

Malik Hooker S Ohio State 8.1 Special athlete with ridiculous range in back end. Great hands.

DeMarcus Walker 4-3 DE Florida State 7.9 Great technique. Very versatile. High end speed/strength combo.

Chad Hansen WR Cal 7.9 Great route-runner. Solid hands. Red-zone threat. Do-it-all player.

Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio State 7.9 Incredibly smooth transitioner. Scheme-versatile. Rare athlete.

John Ross WR Washington 7.8 Incredibly shifty. Great route runner. Solid hands. Unreal speed.

DeShone Kizer QB Notre Dame 7.8 Quick reader with excellent short-mid game. Good scrambler.

Dan Feeney OG Indiana 7.8 Incredibly powerful run blocker. Mauler who has ability to anchor in pass game

Myles Garrett 4-3 DE Texas A&M 7.8 Incredibly disruptive edge rusher. Great recognition. Slender frame.

Jonathan Allen 3-4 DE Alabama 7.8 Powerful inside rusher. Technical hands. Average strength but very versatile.

Malik McDowell 3-4 DE Michigan State 7.7 Great burst inside. Great hands. Incredibly well-rounded.

Avery Gennesy OT Texas A&M 7.7 Great technician. Good athlete. Incredibly well-rounded player.

Corey Davis WR Western Michigan 7.7 Crisp route-runner. Good hands. Undersized but uncoverable.

Jamal Adams S LSU 7.6 Solid in coverage. Good awareness and play recognition. Solid tackler, but undersized

Pat Elflein C Ohio State 7.6 Good balance and ability to slide across space. Good hands. Scrappy player.

Ryan Higgins QB Louisiana Tech 7.5 Great accuracy. Reads defenses well. Can scramble. Undersized.

Dede Westbrook WR Oklahoma 7.5 Very well-rounded receiver. Great hands & agility. Average blocker.

Parker Collins C Appalachian State 7.5 Very strong run blocker. Gets ridiculous push off snap. Powerful guy.

Caleb Brantley 4-3 DT Florida 7.4 Ridiculous interior penetration. Twitchy athlete. Good hands. Lacks strength.

Ahkello Witherspoon CB Colorado 7.4 Incredible footwork for size. Good hands. Inconsistent tackler. #1 CB prototype.

Roderick Johnson OT Florida State 7.4 Good at holding edge. Uses leverage well. Holds too often.

Josh Jones S North Carolina State 7.3 Great athlete in general. Rangy. Hits with force. Inconsistent.  

Shock Linwood RB Baylor 7.3 Ridiculous acceleration. Burst through line is elite.

Derek Barnett 4-3 DE Tennessee 7.2 Versatile edge defender. Solid pass-rushing arsenal. Anchor.

O.J. Howard TE Alabama 7.0 Bowling ball downfield. Solid athlete. Gronk strength. Jack of all trades.


2nd round

Cam Robinson OG Alabama 7.0 Heavy-set bulldozer. Top-tier strength. Elite run blocker. Slow-plodder.

Jabrill Peppers S Michigan 6.9 Incredible athlete. Inconsistent motor. Special teams potential.

Jalen Tabor CB Florida 6.9 Great play recognition. Mirrors footwork well. Clean hips. Inconsistent run defender.

Tarell Basham 4-3 DE Ohio 6.9 Great arsenal. Smart run defender. Prototype frame for a 5-tech

Tim Williams 3-4 OLB Alabama 6.8 Situational pass-rusher. Not versatile. Great at just getting after the QB.

Delano Hill S Michigan 6.8 Excellent hit power. Has athleticism to cover. Iffy ball skills. Inconsistent form tackler

John Johnson S Boston College 6.8 Hits like a truck. Does a good job of holding up in coverage. Solid tackler.

Chad Wheeler OT USC 6.8 Light feet. Can slide out to cover edge. Can get to second level easily.

Chad Kelly QB Ole Miss 6.8 Great velocity on passes. Goes through reads well. Decision-making questionable.

Wayne Gallman RB Clemson 6.7 Great vision and balance. Acceleration is instant. Potential bell cow.

Andreas Knappe OT Connecticut 6.7 Great technical blocker. Well-rounded. Not a great athlete. Second level blocker.

Mike Williams WR Clemson 6.6 Great use of leverage. #1 receiver size. Inconsistent hands.

Forrest Lamp OT Western Kentucky 6.6 Very savvy player who rarely loses hand fighting. Great pass blocker.

Curtis Samuel RB Ohio State 6.5 Incredible in open field. Excellent cutting ability. Limited in a pro scheme.

Adoree Jackson CB USC 6.5 Special athlete. Excellent recovery speed. Good tackler. Rangy. Prone to mistakes.

Ryan Switzer WR North Carolina 6.5 Total package as a slot receiver. Elite footwork and hands.

Tyler Orlosky C West Virginia 6.5 Total package. Very smart blocker. Athletically gifted for a lineman.

Samson Ebukam 4-3 OLB Eastern Washington 6.5 Solid in coverage. Versatile. Incredibly twitchy.

K.D. Cannon WR Baylor 6.4 Downfield threat. Great hands. Accelerates well. Great ability to change direction.

David Njoku TE Miami 6.4 Ridiculous athleticism. Great hands. Mismatch for any defender. Mediocre blocker.

Ryan Anderson 3-4 OLB 6.4 Great arsenal of moves. Can be utilized in coverage. Solid run defender.

Tanner Vallejo 3-4 ILB Boise State 6.4 Great range in space. Has the natural coverage ability to play any scheme. Solid tackler.

Adam Bisnowaty OT Pittsburgh 6.4 Elite size. Good at transitioning assignments. Not a second-level blocker.

Damien Mama OG USC 6.3 Powerful run blocker. Very aware of assignments. Can anchor in pass game.

Nico Siragusa OG San Diego State 6.3 Great technician. Very solid run blocker. Average strength & mobility.

Jehu Chesson WR Michigan 6.3 Tall possession receiver. Physical player. Versatility to do anything you ask.

Joshua Holsey CB Auburn 6.3 Great at getting his hands in late. Undersized. Feisty in coverage. No effort in run defense.

Mitch Trubisky QB North Carolina 6.2 Multiple read QB. Short-mid passer. Not always accurate but cautious.

J.J. Dielman C Utah 6.2 Second level blocker. Great understanding of who to block. Smooth transitioner. Light feet.

James Onwualu 4-3 OLB Notre Dame 6.2 Incredibly fast. Can pursue ball-carrier, and never out of play. Weak tackler

Ryan Glasgow 4-3 DT Michigan 6.2 Good overall package. Limited strength. Incredible motor & technique. Versatile.

Rayshawn Jenkins S Miami 6.2 Strong tackler, and plays physical. Rangy and reactive. Gives up room in coverage.

3rd round

Kareem Hunt RB Toledo 6.1 Very balanced powerback. Creates his own space. North & South runner.

Casey Dunn C Jacksonville State 6.1 Agile blocker. Can get to second level insanely fast.

Dustin Stanton OG Oregon State 6.1 Very smart and versatile inside blocker. Strong in run game. Weaker guy.

Gareon Conley CB Ohio State 6.1 Rangy zone corner. Good recognition. Average tackler. Too handsy.

Trey Hendrickson 3-4 OLB FAU 6.1 Very good arsenal. High motor. Bendy. Limited in coverage. Versatile.

Jarrod Clements 4-3 DT Illinois 6.1 Great burst off snap. Lacks lateral footwork. Incredibly disruptive. Not an anchor.

Josh Posley 4-3 DE Ball State 6.1 Good technician. Incredibly polished. Limited strength.

Taywan Taylor WR Western Kentucky 6.0 Great footwork and hands. Smaller guy, but great concentration.

Jerod Evans QB Virginia Tech 6.0 Goes through reads. Great arm. Good scrambler. Inconsistent mechanics.

Carl Lawson 3-4 OLB Auburn 6.0 Solid bend. Very strong frame. Ineffective leveraging.

ArDarius Stewart WR Alabama 5.9 Incredibly well-rounded. Physical receiver. Has gas in space.

Reuben Foster 4-3 ILB Alabama 5.9 Great tackler. Commands defense well. Limited in coverage.

Kevin King CB Washington 5.9 Lanky guy with the range to cover. Versatile. Good tackler. Raw.

Xavier Woods S Louisiana Tech 5.9 Very physical defender. Lacks athleticism. Smart with assignments.

Pita Taumoepenu 4-3 DE Utah 5.8 Great bend around the edge. Incredible spin move. Lightweight. Lanky.

T.J. Watt 3-4 OLB Wisconsin 5.8 Solid pass-rushing technique. Average athlete overall. Good tackler.

Chase Roullier OG Wyoming 5.8 Uses leverage well, and does a great job in passing game. Mobile blocker.

Dawuane Smoot 4-3 DE Illinois 5.8 Good edge-setter. Solid run defender. Great motor. Inconsistent pass-rusher.

Taylor Moton OG Western Michigan 5.8 Poor footwork. Great strength. Anchors the line well.

Kenneth Olugbode 3-4 ILB Colorado 5.8 Very aware in coverage. Solid tackler, but undersized.

Jarrad Davis 4-3 OLB Florida 5.8 Solid frame, heavy tackler. Good gap plugger. Limited in coverage.

Tre’Davious White CB LSU 5.8 Very smooth transitions in coverage. Scheme versatile. Hesitant tackler.

Donnel Pumphrey RB San Diego State 5.7 Ridiculous cutting ability. Insanely fast. Incredibly small.

Dorian Johnson OG Pittsburgh 5.7 Good inside blocker. Great at getting leverage underneath.

Takkarist McKinley 3-4 OLB UCLA 5.7 Great snap anticipation. Powerful frame. Bender. Limited arsenal.

Trent Taylor WR Louisiana Tech 5.7 One of the highest floors of the class. Great hands & footwork.

Joey Ivie 4-3 DT Florida 5.7 Good burst off the line. Great hands. Undersized. Lacks NFL strength.​

Evan Engram TE Ole Miss 5.7 Wideout more than tight end. Good size. Good hands. Not a blocker.

Kyle Kalis OG Michigan 5.6 Very good run blocker. Can get to second level well & keep holes open for RBs.

Gerald Everett TE South Alabama 5.6 Plays like a WR. Elite size. Solid hands. Not the best blocker.

Adam Butler 4-3 DT Vanderbilt 5.6 Prototypical 4-3 DT. Utilizes leverage well. Not a penetrator.

Jeremy McNichols RB Boise State 5.5 Feisty runner who loves contact. Great balance. Slow in space.

Jeremy Sprinkle TE Arkansas 5.5 Unathletic but well-rounded. Phenomenal blocker. Good hands.

Joe Mixon RB Oklahoma 5.5 Less powerful Fournette. Not a speedy guy. Good vision. Thick frame.

Johnathan Ford S Auburn 5.5 Strong tackler, and dominates run game. Unaware in coverage. Good athlete.

Randall Goforth S UCLA 5.5 Good power, but lacks tackling form. Rarely shaken off by quick feet. Versatile.

Carlos Watkins 4-3 DT Clemson 5.5 Good run-stuffer. Tends to go slow off blocks at times. Limited pass-rush.

Shaquill Griffin CB UCF 5.5 Great speed and length. Limited tackler. Needs consistency. #1 CB upside.

Obi Melifonwu S Connecticut 5.5 Great athlete, but doesn’t apply it. Strong tackler. Zero motor and pursuit.

Dorian Williams S Princeton 5.5 Incredibly rangy. Inconssitent in run defense.

Casey Tucker OT Stanford 5.5 Solid at holding edge. Middle of the pack strength.

Marcus Williams S Utah 5.5 Inconsistent tackler, and takes poor angles. Good recognition. Aggressive.

George Kittle TE Iowa 5.4 Great blocker. Solid hands. Sneaky good athlete for a blocking TE.


4th round

Brad Kaaya QB Miami 5.4 Still developing. Great arm. Inconsistent with reads. Handles pressure bad.

Darius English 3-4 OLB South Carolina 5.4 Great second effort. High motor. Loses balance easily.

Ben Gedeon 4-3 ILB Michigan 5.4 Surprisingly light feet. Strong tackler w/ jacked frame. Solid in coverage.

Alex Kozan OG Auburn 5.4 Very solid anchor. Gets leverage easy. Not a finisher, doesn’t drive through.ions.

Stacy Coley WR Miami 5.4 Corey Coleman clone. Not a polished route-runner. Great athlete. Good hands.

Lewis Neal 4-3 DE LSU 5.4 Great interior penetration. Feisty hands. Smart pass-rusher. Sluggish at times.

Marquez White CB Florida State 5.4 Strong in press. Inconsistent tackler. Great measurables. Reckless.

Desmond King CB Iowa 5.4 Gives up a lot of yards in coverage. Zone DB. Great run defender.

Jamaal Williams RB BYU 5.3 Very balanced. Good blocker. Not elite speed or acceleration.

Deyshawn Bond C Cincinnati 5.3 Very quick feet and ability to re-adjust. Solid base strength.

Deshaun Watson QB Clemson 5.3 Potential through the roof. Unsure in pocket. Inconsistent decisions.

Dwayne Thomas CB LSU 5.3 Good tackler. Comes downhill with velocity. Solid in coverage.

Corn Elder CB Miami 5.3 Zone corner with range. Lacks man-to-man ability. Gets involved in run defense.

Ethan Pocic C LSU 5.3 Heavy-footed run blocker who can anchor the inside. Immovable, but unathletic.

Jalen Reeves-Maybin 4-3 OLB Tennessee 5.2 Elite speed. Great tackler. Questionable in coverage.

Dalvin Cook RB Florida State 5.2 Quick runner who finds open space. Not the type to break tackles.

Erik Magnuson OT Michigan 5.2  Elite size.  Too easily loses position. Not a good run blocker. Cerebral player.

Al-Quadin Muhammad 3-4 OLB Miami 5.2 Limited bend. Great speed in space. Solid tackler. Can cover.

Skai Moore 3-4 ILB South Carolina 5.2 Good coverage awareness. Solid tackler.  Not a gap plugger.

Charles Harris 3-4 OLB Missouri 5.2 Great first step and anticipation. Too movable. Can’t play well with hand in the dirt.

Marlon Humphrey CB Alabama 5.2 Solid tackler. Very stiff in coverage. Powerhouse frame.

Travin Dural WR LSU 5.2 Well-rounded #2 receiver. Solid hands and route-running. Slower guy.

Dalvin Tomlinson 3-4 DE Alabama 5.1 Great at getting hands up. Solid run-stuffer. Model 3-4 DE.

Tim Patrick WR Utah 5.1 Great size & speed. Good route-runner. Inconsistent hands.

Isaac Asiata OG Utah 5.1 Stout run-blocker. Aggressive as hell. Absolute mauler. Slows down outside numbers.

Cameron Hunt OG Oregon 5.1 Great at sliding to fill gaps. Very aware of stunts. Solid pass blocker.

Noah Brown WR Ohio State 5.1 Great possession receiver. Limited athlete & ineffective in space.

Shalom Luani S Washington State 5.1 Hard hitter. Perfect fit in the box. Limited range in coverage.

Brandon Bell 4-3 OLB Penn State 5.1 Old school beat-em-up outside linebacker. Great tackler. Stiff in coverage.

Jake Butt TE Michigan 5.1 Receiver more than blocker. Great hands. Good route-runner. Good speed. Bad blocker.

James Conner RB Pittsburgh 5.0 Thick frame allows him to break arm-tackles. Not a special athlete. Low speed.

Cameron Sutton CB Tennessee 5.0 Solid man-to-man corner. Pro speed. Special teams potential.

Isaac Rochell 4-3 DE Notre Dame 5.0 Good run-stuffer. Holds the edge well. Not a great burst guy.

Garett Bolles OT Utah 5.0 Good footwork on passing downs. Good hands. Very mobile. Not powerful.

Jordan Willis 4-3 DE Kansas State 5.0 Quirky athlete. Bendy, but not twitchy. One-trick pony.

Calvin Munson 4-3 OLB 5.0 Great at setting the edge in the run game. Good at navigating traffic. Stocky in coverage.

Eddie Jackson S Alabama 5.0 Good tackler. Asset as a returner. Doesn’t play with consistent motor.

Jordan Evans 4-3 OLB Oklahoma 5.0 Solid tackler. Strong run defender in general. Limited coverage.

Kendell Beckwith 4-3 ILB LSU 5.0 Great tackler. Incredibly limited range. Frame of a bully ILB.


5th round

Zach Cunningham 3-4 ILB Vanderbilt 5.0 Good at covering through space. Weak tackler. Mediocre run defender.

Julie’n Davenport OT Bucknell 5.0 Consistent bend but don’t break. Solid frame and footwork. 

Jalen Myrick CB Minnesota 5.0 Ridiculous athleticism. Unpolished in coverage. Limited tackler.

David Bright OG Stanford 5.0 Good length and athletic ability. Not a lateral mover. Solid run blocker.

Khalfani Muhammad RB Cal 4.9 Speedy change of pace back. Incredible acceleration. Decent receiver.

Josh Carraway 4-3 DE TCU 4.9 Good run defender. Very good sliding ability. Solid tackler.

Jeremiah Ledbetter 4-3 DT Arkansas 4.9 Feisty interior player. Uses leverage and natural power to win. Undersized.

Chidobe Awuzie CB Colorado 4.9 Struggles with tackling. Needs right scheme. Great athlete.

Dylan Cole 4-3 ILB Missouri State 4.9 Strong tackler. Lacks play awareness at times. Good athletic base.

Leon McQuay III S USC 4.9 Limited size, but good technique. Good run defender. Needs to break quicker.

Cole Luke CB Notre Dame 4.9 Strong tackler. Lacks size to win high or contested passes. Inconsistent footwork.

Larry Ogunjobi 4-3 DT Charlotte 4.9 Short-stride run stopper. Solid hand technique.  Doesn’t take up space well.

Ryan Ramczyk OT Wisconsin 4.9 Bad with leverage. Can’t stick guys with range. Good puller.

JuJu Smith-Schuster WR USC 4.9 Decent hands. Incredible at locating and playing ball. Pro size. 

D’Onta Foreman RB Texas 4.8 Frank Gore’s smaller brother. Falls down for 4 yards every time. Workhorse.

Elijah Hood RB North Carolina 4.8 Bowling ball. Slow runner, but incredibly tough to stop. Limited versatility.

Amara Darboh WR Michigan 4.8 Physical possession receiver. Good hands. Below average route-runner.

Dion Dawkins OT Temple 4.8 Solid anchor. Powerful pass blocker. Not a great athlete.

Raekwon McMillan 4-3 ILB Ohio State 4.8 Downhill hitter. Primarily a two-down LB. Mediocre in coverage.

Cameron Tom C Southern Miss 4.8 Good side-to-side movement. Solid hand placement. 

Fabian Moreau CB UCLA 4.8 All the physical talent in the world. Strong tackler. Inconsistent in man coverage.

DeAndre Scott CB Akron 4.8 Scheme versatile. Could dominate the slot. Too weak as a tackler. Size concerns.

Richard Levy OG Connecticut 4.8 Very good short range quickness. Can lock up defenders well.

Fred Ross WR Mississippi State 4.8 Physical possession receiver. Great catch radius. Solid #2 option.

Rodney Adams WR USF 4.7 Well-rounded #2 receiver. Do-it-all guy. Great hands.

Hardy Nickerson Jr. 3-4 ILB Illinois 4.7 Solid 3-4 ILB. Undersized but very aware. Good in zone coverage.

Joseph Yearby RB Miami 4.7 Balanced running style. Think Joseph Randle. Good at all things, master at none.

Taysom Hill QB BYU 4.7 Athletic short-to-intermediate passer. Goes through reads well. Age & Injury concerns.

Darius Hamilton 3-4 DE Rutgers 4.7 Incredibly twitchy & technical pass-rusher from the inside. Limited strength.

Vince Biegel 4-3 OLB Wisconsin 4.7 Solid run defender. Showcases occasional bursts of bend. Limited in coverage.

Chris Wormley 4-3 DE Michigan 4.7 Solid technique. Versatile. Very limited bend and athleticism.

Eric Wilson 4-3 OLB Cincinnati 4.7 Solid in coverage. Poor tackling form. Lacks run defense skills.

Kofi Amichia OT USF 4.7 Good second-level blocker. Great at hitting guys in space. Not a strong guy.

Dante Barnett S Kansas State 4.7 Good form tackler who plays with great reactions. Limited athlete.

Cordrea Tankersley CB Clemson 4.7 Great tackler. Prototype frame. Struggles in press or man. Not versatile.

Isaiah Ford WR Virginia Tech 4.6 Very good route-runner. Solid hands. Poor blocker. Solid #2 or #3.

Brian Allen CB Utah 4.6

Garrett Sickels 4-3 DE Penn State 4.6

Jay Guillermo C Clemson 4.6

Chad Williams WR Grambling State 4.6

Steven Moore OT California 4.6


6th round

Samaje Perine RB Oklahoma 4.6

Lucas Crowley C North Carolina 4.6

Daeshon Hall 4-3 DE Texas A&M 4.6

Rasul Douglas CB West Virginia 4.6

Taco Charlton 4-3 DE Michigan 4.6

Channing Stribling CB Michigan 4.6

Kenneth Walker III WR UCLA 4.5

Aviante Collins OT TCU 4.5

Nate Gerry S Nebraska 4.5

Jourdan Lewis CB Michigan 4.5

Riley Bullough 4-3 ILB Michigan State 4.5

Will Holden OT Vanderbilt 4.5

Drew Morgan WR Arkansas 4.5

James Quick WR Louisville 4.5

D.J. Jones 3-4 NT Ole Miss 4.5

Matt Godin 4-3 DT Michigan 4.5

Kennedy Tolimasealii 3-4 DE Hawaii 4.5

Adam Pankey OG West Virginia 4.5

Zach Banner OG USC 4.5

Brady Gustafson QB Montana 4.4

Michael Roberts TE Toledo 4.4

Skyler Howard QB West Virginia 4.4

Zay Jones WR East Carolina 4.4

Jhavon Williams CB Connecticut 4.4

Montravius Adams 4-3 DT Auburn 4.4

David Jones S Richmond 4.4

Ikaika Woolsey QB Hawaii 4.4

Kylie Fitts 4-3 DE Utah 4.4

Sam Rogers FB Virginia Tech 4.4

DeVon Edwards S Duke 4.4

Deatrich Wise Jr. 4-3 DE Arkansas 4.4

Sean Harlow OG Oregon State 4.4

Buck Cowan TE Idaho 4.3

Carlos Henderson WR Louisiana Tech 4.3

Christian Heyward 3-4 DE San Diego State 4.3

Darrell Brown OT Louisiana Tech 4.3

Greg Pyke OG Georgia 4.3