What's On Draft

What's on Draft is a website that brings you constant coverage and updates on the NFL draft. It operates year-round with detailed scouting reports, prospect rankings, and more.

Mark's scouting reports provide some of the most detailed analysis you'll find online for the 2020 NFL Draft. Check them out by clicking the scouting reports text above.

The 2020 database has access to game tape and information on hundreds of players for the upcoming class. Best accessed on computer, you'll have everything at your disposal for the next year.

One of the most in-depth guides on the market, the What's On Draft portfolio gives hundreds of detailed scouting reports along with a crisp graphic presentation. It's a must have for draft fans. 

Why donate?

Despite thousands of hours of work, the site has not been successful from a financial standpoint. The long term goal of the site is to run with enough revenue to continue a high level of quantity and quality without advertisements or paywalls. Making content only available to subscribers is the last thing I want to do. A high enough income from the site allows for the following on a yearly basis: 300-500 scouting reports, a database with at least one game of tape on almost every player come draft night, plenty of quality graphics, and a home for draft fans that has never existed before.

The What's On Draft Mission

In November 2016, I wrote my first scouting report. It was an exciting moment, and one that marked a change in my life for the better. I made an account on Twitter and began to notice the different niches within the community. The differences were remarkable. Stats guys, fantasy guys, tape guys, and everything in between.

But while all niches have their positives, they also have their negatives. Many evaluators post incomplete work, or don't do the job the right way. Many are hype beasts for small school guys looking for a shot, even if they aren't good players. Some attach their names to players in hopes to ride that single player to the top.

I wanted to make something different. I wanted to make something that was encompassing. I wanted a product with the same level of depth and consistency from the #1 overall pick to an undrafted player from Western Kentucky. A process that would be unique, uniform, and unrivaled by others. 

I have a long way to go in regards to creating this product. I have a lot of work to do for it. But I firmly believe that this is a product that is needed by the draft community. It's something that I desperately craved when I first became a fan of the NFL Draft and scoured the web for scouting reports and rankings. 

Whether it is making sure the community has adequate tape in the form of Youtube cut-ups, guaranteeing an unbiased and honest evaluation process, or creating a brand that is enjoyable for both the draft junkies and the casuals, I can guarantee every bit of energy in my being is dedicated to making the product an enjoyable one for those in the stands. 

I promise I will never be a hype man. I will never lie about my work or alter my process to match narratives or general draft media. I'll never sell snake oil. I will be truthful and legitimate in my process, making sure every piece of content is from stones I've turned on my own. 

I don't want to get rich. I don't want to get clicks. I want to make a product truly worth your time. I want to make a living by giving the NFL draft sphere something that it has sorely lacked in recent times: consistency, honesty, and unmatched depth.